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Martin Bell’s 100 Duties Playbook: A Comprehensive Guide to Achieving Success


Learn from Martin Bell, previously Chief Architect of Rocket Internet’s 100 Day Launch Process and Harvard MPA & Wharton MBA

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The 100 Duties Playbook by Martin Bell is a comprehensive guide to the duties of a manager. It provides a comprehensive overview of the duties of a manager, from the basics of managing people and resources to the more complex tasks of leading teams and managing projects. The book is divided into four sections: The Basics, The People, The Projects, and The Leadership. Each section provides detailed information on the duties of a manager, including how to set goals, delegate tasks, and manage resources. The book also includes practical advice on how to handle difficult situations, such as dealing with difficult employees or managing a project that is behind schedule. The book also includes case studies and examples of successful managers, as well as tips and tricks for managing teams and projects. The 100 Duties Playbook is an invaluable resource for any manager looking to improve their skills and become a better leader.

100 Duties Playbook – Martin Bell

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